What is Cursillo?

Cursillo is a movement within the C of E which supports, inspires and empowers committed Christians, lay and ordained, to develop and use the gifts that God has given them in a community of discipleship.

Cursillo lays great store on the importance of Christian community, where leadership is shared between laity and clergy.

What is Cursillo about?

Cursillo is a world transformed by the love of God with its threefold foundation of:

Study, Action and Prayer

It offers a strong and supportive structure for Christian life. Members meet regularly at parish, deanery, diocesan and national level to review their commitment to study, action and prayer and to support and encourage one another in their Christian lives. This ensures that Cursillo members are part of a vibrant Christian Community.

A three day weekend presents the core experience of Cursillo

The weekends, usually held at Whalley Abbey, begin on Thursday evening, ending the following Sunday afternoon, and provide, what is for many, a life changing experience through which God inspires, renews and challenges. Away from the everyday pressures of life the pilgrims and team form a Christian Community, learning, praying, sharing, singing and living together. In the course of three days the team of lay people and Spiritual Advisers give a series of talks focussing on the mission concepts of prayer, study and action.

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