Sacrament of Confirmation

I thought Confirmation was only for children?

Lots of people think that if you were not confirmed as a teenager, you can’t be confirmed later. At St Laurence’s, during recent Confirmations, people from 11 to 80 have been confirmed. As long as you are in Year 7 and above, you can be confirmed. We currently have a wide range of adults and young people being prepared for Confirmation. 

What is Confirmation? 

Confirmation is where people confirm the promises made on their behalf at Baptism, and where the Bishop confirms these promises. You then receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and become a full member of the Christian Church. 


Can I receive Communion before I’m confirmed?

Children in Year 5 and upwards are now able to be prepared to receive their First Communion prior to Confirmation. This is becoming more wide-spread in the Church of England and is one of the ways we take seriously the spiritual journey and growth of our young people. Adults who are being prepared for Confirmation may also start to receive Holy Communion before the Confirmation itself.


What Promises were made at my Baptism?

Some people are babies when they are baptized, and others are very young children. During the Baptism service, a series of promises is made on the child’s behalf by the parents and godparents. They promise, three times, to turn away from everything evil and embrace everything good. These promises have been unchanged for nearly 2000 years.


How do I know that I am ready for Confirmation? 

Everyone who wants to be confirmed is welcome. The preparation is there to help you decide. Jesus gives us Confirmation as a gift, not as a reward for being good. Jesus asks everyone to follow him. It is for you to decide whether you will accept his invitation.

Will I understand the content of the course?

Confirmation is a big commitment, but that doesn’t mean that the preparation has to be difficult. We try to make our courses enjoyable, understandable and worthwhile.


What can I do to begin?

A good place to start is with prayer. On this website, there is a leaflet called, “How to Start Praying”, that could be helpful to you. The website has information on Christianity.

If you have any other questions or would like to talk further, please contact Fr. Neil, Cornelius or one of the Assisting Priests.
















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